New Tesla Model 3 Interior Shots Show Us Just How Eerily Its Design Still Looks

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Tesla Model 3Tesla Model 3Tesla Model 3
When the Model 3 was revealed back in March (only just), everybody cheered with exultation at the very sexy exterior design. With the euphoria still high in their bloodstream, they then set their eyes on the interior. I would imagine everybody stopped for a second, not knowing what to think.
Was Elon Musk toying with them? Nobody wanted to say anything about it, fearing they would make a fool of themselves as that was clearly just a mock-up meant to cover all the wires and other entrails of the car. It would be like going to an art gallery and commenting on the aesthetic values of the alarm system, thinking it was part of the exhibition as well.

And yet, that was pretty much it. It's not that it's ugly, it's just so... barren. There are so few things going on inside a Model 3 that it almost hurts the eye. Used with the plethora of buttons and displays that usually come with a modern car's interior, the minimalist nature of the Model 3 is a bit of a shock. We've had a few months to get used to it, but we can't say we're there yet.

A buttonless steering wheel and a large, landscape-oriented display in the central part of the dashboard is all that gives away the fact that the Model 3 interior belongs to a car. In fact, you can scratch the display off the list - they have those in subway stations as well. But people didn't panic: while we all realized not much was going to be changed in the final product (Musk made it pretty clear), our hopes did cling on something, no matter how insignificant.

Musk said that he aims to have the Model 3 design ready by June 30, which in case he misplaced his calendar, is next Thursday. Less than a week from that deadline, these images of a Model 3 inside a Tesla workshop surface, and - would you believe it - they show a car that's identical to those used for the March 30 event. Which raises the possibility that the black matte Model 3 we see here might in fact be one of the cars used back then.

When Motor Trend went to the Gigafactory about two months ago, they weren't allowed to film the car's interior, which means that the inside is the best-kept secret of the Model 3. Musk said that all questions regarding the apparent features scarcity will be answered during the phase two of the Model 3's unveil, which hasn't been scheduled yet. We hoped these images might shed some more light, but we were wrong, which means all we can do now is wait. Wait, and speculate.
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