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New BMW X4 Takes Moose Test, Doesn't Crash

A few days ago, we saw how a BMW X4 rapped its sides into the Nurburgring crash barriers. So we were curious how its success handles the dreaded moose test.
New BMW X4 Takes Moose Test, Doesn't Crash 4 photos
New BMW X4 Takes Moose Test, Doesn't CrashNew BMW X4 Takes Moose Test, Doesn't CrashNew BMW X4 Takes Moose Test, Doesn't Crash
SUVs are heavy and tall, which is now ideal when changing direction rapidly. Modern stability systems can make a world of difference, but we were surprised by how well the X4 performed.

The "moose test" simulates what would happen if wildlife suddenly appeared in the middle of the road. The car is "asked" to change direction and quickly return to its original lane to avoid hitting oncoming cars.

The testers say the witnessed the same problems as in the new X3. If the driver tugs the steering wheel too fast, the ESC kicks in violently, which catches the driver off-guard. However, once he dials in his inputs, the X4 manages to stick to the road and passes the moose test at an impressive 77 km/h, which is the same as the Audi A7, if we remember correctly.

The test vehicle is the xDrive20d with a 190 horsepower 2-liter diesel sending power to all four wheels. It's not as front-heavy as the M40d, but still tips the scales at around 1.8 tons. Its 275/40 R20 Yokohama Advan Sport tires wrapped around 20-inch wheels might also contribute to the grip of this SUV.

The Spanish testers subjected the X4 to repeated tests, reaching 80 km/h. At that speed, things start to look scary. But the electronics will steel keep you from flipping over, even if they might force to crash into something.

Is the X4 sportier than the X3? This video supports that notion. We found km77's test of the regular model, and it was only in control at 74 km/h. The much cheaper X1 model, meanwhile, only managed 73 km/h despite looking much more planted.

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