New BMW M5 vs. E63 S Comparison Turns into Discussion About Drive Modes and Cost

New BMW M5 vs. E63 S Comparison Turns into Discussion About Drive Modes and Cost 1 photo
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Want to know why the internet is filled with drag races instead of compelling reviews? Because nobody makes bad cars anymore, not even Alfa Romeo. And if you leave two men in performance cars for long enough, they are going to gripe like old men about how expensive things have become.
We honestly expected more from Autocar, especially when cars like the new M5 and E63 don't come along every day. But the video is more like a talk show than a bloody deathmatch between 600 horsepower AWD sedans. We have a feeling that there's going to be no shortage of videos regarding these two.

We get it; we too like to complain like old men about the price of a new iPhone and having to pay over €100,000 for a good German sports saloon. But as Matt Prior and Dan Prosser point out, nobody writes a check for that much money. They give their old ride as deposit and then shell out about 1000 big ones every month.

Remember when cars had only one drive mode? The Member Berries remember, and so do these two reviewers... apparently. But the fact of the matter is the BMW M5 had drive modes way back in 2005.

We get what they are saying. The people working for Mercedes-AMG or BMW M should know better. But when you pay that much money for a car, you expect it to be everything from a savage wolf to a docile pet. 2018 also brought about the invention of "drift mode" where all-wheel-drive sedans temporarily de-couple their front wheels.

Want more old man insight? Well, apparently, the M5 rides a little better over the potholes, and the AMG sounds better. And the BMW feels a little bit faster in the real world than the Mercedes, the opposite of what we saw in a recent drag race. And somehow, we're supposed to accent hat the new M5 is more well rounded than last year's AMG.

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