Neither Batman Nor James Bond Can Afford Their Iconic Cars, Batmobile and DB5

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Study shows characters who couldn't afford their iconic cars in real lifeStudy shows characters who couldn't afford their iconic cars in real life
The life of a (super)hero isn’t an easy one. Sure, you get to bask in the glory of being one, but for that to happen, you have to risk your life to save people and things, and sometimes even the entire universe from certain destruction.
In between all this, you also have to work a day job to, you know, pay bills like us common folk.

With Hollywood (mostly) on pause for nearly a year, you’re probably craving for some good (super)hero action. So here it is: when all is said and done, Batman wouldn’t be able to afford his Batmobile. Neither would James Bond his Aston Martin DB5, and a bunch of other action movie heroes.

This comes via MoneyShake, which went through all the trouble of comparing figures, both fictional and real, and calculate heroes’ salaries. It’s also based on the general recommendation that you should only direct 15-20 percent of your salary toward purchasing a new car, to which you add a little something extra for insurance and maintenance.

Bruce Wayne earns some $1 million a year as CEO of Bruce Wayne Enterprises, which means he’d have to save up for 16 years to afford the latest Batmobile. This one will be seen in the upcoming The Batman and is estimated to cost around $2.4 million, mods and all. Batman would also be paying the highest insurance premium of the lot, at $28,000.

James Bond would be in an even bigger predicament to buy his iconic Aston Martin DB5, as it’s shown in No Time to Die – yet another movie pushed back several times due to the ongoing health crisis. Since he works for “the man” and his salary is a meager $61,500 a year, he would have to save up for 153 years to afford that car.

Side note: you will have noticed that the study assumes Bond owns the DB5, which, in fact, he doesn’t. It also overlooks the "minor" detail that Wayne uses Wayne Enterprises tech for his weaponry and vehicles, so it’s free. For the sake of argument, we’ll let this slide.

Baby from Baby Driver would also be in for years of saving (14, to be more precise) to afford his Subaru Impreza, while Max Rockatansky would have to save up for six years for the Ford Falcon XB. Also on the list is Driver from Drive and Dom from Fast and Furious, with four and two years, respectively – but only because they’re both mechanics and can do many of the mods themselves.

The last place goes to Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future, who’d only have to save one year for his DeLorean.
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