GTA 6: Ned Luke Gets Swatted Again, and Has Lucia's Actress Been Uncovered?

Ned Luke Gets Swatted Again, and Has the Lucia Actress Been Uncovered? 18 photos
Photo: Ned Luke/Manni L. Perez/Rockstar Games
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After a tumultuous year for GTA fans regarding all sorts of tin foil hat conspiracies, t-shirt theories, and whatnot, we finally know that Grand Theft Auto VI has been announced for 2025. Whether it will be delayed or not, it's an entirely different story. But today, we're discussing the two last pieces of news from 2023 regarding Michael from GTA 5 and Lucia from GTA 6.
Not even a month after Ned Luke has been swatted for the sixth time, pranksters were at it again, less than 36 hours into 2024's New Year's Eve.

Swatting is an illegal and potentially harmful action that implies falsely contacting the authorities and telling them something awful is happening at a specific address. The reason why it's dangerous is because innocent people have been wrongfully killed in the past during some of these "pranks."

Ned Luke, famous for playing the Michael character from Grand Theft Auto V, was last swatted during one of his live streams on November 23, 2023, when the pranksters called the fire department at his home. Fortunately, nothing harmful came of it aside from wasting the authorities' money and time.

On December 30, during another of his live streams at minute 33:37, he gets a call. After hanging up, Ned ironically says, "Oh, I'm getting swatted; isn't that great?" Then he got up, left the room, and came back six minutes later saying, "Nice try, didn't work. Just another day in the neighborhood, just like Mr. Rogers." Ned resumed gameplay as if nothing had happened. This makes it "lucky" number seven.

Moving on to another soon-to-be megastar in the video game acting world, people think they've uncovered the actress playing Lucia in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Her name supposedly is Manni L. Perez, and one of the "dead giveaways" came during a podcast on the "Triple Threat FM Radio" YouTube channel. She didn't let anything slip, but at one point, the host stumbled upon a new project she's currently working on, which raised some eyebrows.

"What I'm doing right now is big, but NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). That's all I can say," Perez disclosed. The actress is not widely known, but her career spans episodes from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Chicago P.D., Jessica Jones, and The Blacklist, among many more.

The kicker is that on her IMDB page, it says she played in Grand Theft Auto V as "Clubber #2." Lucia and Manni do look quite similar, and if you listen and compare their voices, it kind of checks out. It's not a perfect 100% overlap, but there are a lot of things to hang on to.

Meanwhile, in his latest video, "Florida Joker" gave Rockstar another ultimatum. This time, it's January 11, and $5,000,000 or else he's going to sue. January 11 is his birthday, so we'll expect another video then.

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