More than 6 Million UK Motorists Doubt Their Driving Skills, Study Reveals

More than 1,000 UK drivers were interviewed in the research conducted by Young Driver, which provides driving lessons for 10 to 17-year-olds, and the survey revealed some alarming facts.
More than 6 Million UK Motorists Doubt Their Driving Skills, Study Reveals 1 photo
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Apparently, one in five qualified drivers doesn’t think they would pass the driving exam if they were to take it again. Moreover, twenty-eight percent of drivers acknowledge that they find it difficult to parallel park and 25 percent admitted that, on a number of occasions, they avoided to reverse into a parking bay.

More worrying is that 26 percent of all drivers have said that they regularly park some distance from where they need to be in order to get an easier parking space that doesn’t require so much skill.

When you learn to drive you are taught specific techniques to help you get your parking and reversing spot one, every time. But once you pass your test, unless you continue to use these techniques, the skills can quickly fade. Our new research that before long, many drivers are actively avoiding having to try, even if it means parking a long way from their destination and walking the rest of the way to avoid certain parking spots,” said Kim Stanton, head of Young Driver.

Also, 16 percent of the drivers admitted they can’t turn on the road without making more maneuvers than the traditional three-point turn.

Based on the surprising results, Young Driver launched a series of “How To” videos to help motorists master the art of driving. Although they were produced for the 10 to 17-year-olds, people above that age could find them helpful too. You can check out all the videos on the Young Driver website, and they include instructions on how to reverse park in a bay, parallel park your car, reverse round a corner, perform emergency stops and turn on the road.

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