UK Motorists Are Not That Happy About Keyless Car Technology

We’re not going to start all over again with the “cars are not what they used to anymore.” If we want to step with the right foot into the praised 21st century, though, we need to acknowledge that technology is a double-edged sword, and using it should be managed wisely.
Most of the British drivers fear their cars are exposed to hackers 1 photo
Automotive engineers, scientists and mechanics have been advising drivers that there’s a significant security flaw found in remote keyless systems, but some voices in the industry are still trying to quash this idea. However, according to a survey conducted by stolen vehicle recovery expert Tracker, most British drivers fear their cars are exposed to hackers.

Apparently, 70% of people surveyed said they would reconsider purchasing a keyless car in the wake of growing concerns about vehicle security. Here’s what they found:

“The release of this research is extremely worrying for car owners. Although we all delight in technology that makes our own lives easier, it is a double-edged sword, and in this case, car thieves have been quick to equip themselves with new technology that outwits the manufacturers,” explains Andy Barrs, Police Liaison Officer, Tracker.

According to this research, most of the drivers would much rather get back to traditional security methods such as a steering wheel lock (30%) and a clutch pedal lock (22%) for added peace of mind. Moreover, connection protection devices - namely a steel box which covers the OBD port to prevent diagnostics access - are also increasingly being recognized as a better choice (25%).

The study also found - and this is probably the main purpose of this survey - that 40% of the drivers prefer stolen vehicle tracking devices. You should keep in mind that that the company that did the questionnaire is a manufacturer of such devices.

While a tracking unit won’t stop your car from being stolen by thieves in the first instance, it does significantly increase the chances of your vehicle being located and returned to you; in most cases by up to 93%. It is for this reason that ours is the only SVR product used by all the UK’s police forces,” concludes Andy Barrs.
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