Mom Sends the Wrong Kind of "Front, Side, and Rear" Pictures to Insurance Agent

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If you think the actual bump is the worst part of a light accident, that means you've never had to deal with the insurance companies. If that won't make you drive ten times more carefully in the future, then nothing will.
Seeing your car dented won't make you hate the one who ran the red light as much as all the paperwork and the waiting that comes after that. Being an insurance agent is probably the second most hated job after the dental workers who have their top spot reserved forever.

That's because the people who are supposed to help you get over the incident more easily, forget about what's happened and focus on solving the problem and fixing the car, act all suspiciously as if you were trying to scam them in some way. Not very supportive at all.

However, the lady in this case seemed to have a very good relation with her agent. She even had her number stored in the phone's contacts, which either means she's the type of person who stores all numbers because "hey, it's not like there's a limit or anything," or she's talked to the agent before and knows her pretty well.

That would be a little surprising because she's obviously never been involved in an accident before. When asked by Eva, the agent, to send "front, rear and side views," she was a little baffled as to why they would need that, but she complied nevertheless. Only it wasn't the car that served as a subject, like everyone would have expected, but her own person instead.

The best part, though, is Eva's reaction: "Susan, you look very nice, but I need pictures of your vehicle." A true professional. No wonder she saved her number as she's a treasure. This whole story would have remained nothing more than a funny anecdote to be told at family reunions if it weren't for Susan's helpful daughter who posted it on Twitter, and Distractify who made sure it reached you lot.
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