Modern Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Rendering Is Weirdly Cool

Modern Mercedes 300 SL Rendering Is Weirdly Cool 4 photos
Photo: wb.artist20/Instagram
Modern Mercedes 300 SL Rendering Is Weirdly CoolModern Mercedes 300 SL Rendering Is Weirdly CoolModern Mercedes 300 SL Rendering Is Weirdly Cool
Do you like the color silver? Are you a fan of F1 legend Stirling Moss? Then you probably also think that the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL is the first supercar or at least one of the most amazing cars ever made.
The SL is going on 70 years old, but its iconic shape is coveted to this day. Prime examples fetch millions at auctions, and we can't help coveting even the replicas, even though Mercedes tries to get all of them banned.

The 300 SL is a story about how amazing Mercedes can be when it wants to. Most of its factories was completely destroyed after the war, and it looked like game over. But after only seven years they were back on their feet enough to consider going back to racing.

The Grand Prix race car needed to have one of the engines from a road car, the 3-liter. It had an iron block so to win races, engineers had to wrap it in a super-light yet strong chassis. The German version of a Superleggera chassis had all-tubular construction.

Mercedes didn't want to make any road-going versions, but an Austrian-born, New York-based importer of luxury cars named Max Hoffman insisted it would sell really well. He was right, of course.

The SL name survives to this day, of course. However, it's been many years since an SL-Class grabbed any headlines. AMG now makes all the most exciting, bespoke road racers, and the SLS was the most 300 SL of them all, thanks to the gullwing doors.

Today, we're going to look at a rendering that proposes a modernized 300 SL. The renderer wb.artist20 replicated the roadster version, of which 1858 were made between 1957 and 1963.

His vision obviously starts with the modern Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, the $190,000 model receiving a new set of headlights. The world is crazy for pop-ups and round headlights, but if Mercedes brought back these tall projectors we'd be equally happy.

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