Mix and Match Your Way to Mobile Living Heaven With Entegra's 2024 Cornerstone Motorcoach

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It's said to reign "at the top of the list in luxury and convenience." Honestly, with a name like Cornerstone, Entegra Coach seems to be aiming this RV right at the heart of our lives, helping bring balance and luxury to those who can afford its magic. Does the 2024 lineup have what it takes to take nearly $1M off our hands?
That's right, people, nearly $1,000,000 is the starting price for what can be considered Entegra Coach's most valuable machine. For instance, these babies start off at $925,980 (€867,713 at current exchange rates). In short, it's the peak of what this manufacturer offers to the world.

But what are we up against? What is it that we get for this sort of cash, and ultimately, is this the sort of machine we need or want? To understand more about Cornerstone and what it can do for us, let's picture ourselves at the wheel of one of these towering behemoths.

Depending on which of the five floorplans you choose, you'll be able to accommodate families ranging from four all the way up to eight or ten guests, maybe more if someone whips out the sleeping bags and naps on the floor; there are bunk bed options too, so that won't need to happen.

What we see starts with a construction of aluminum, gel-coated fiberglass, trusses, plywood flooring, and so much more is set up on one of the most reliable bases on the market, a Spartan K3 raised-rail chassis, the one and the same used in firetrucks. Throw in a Cummins turbocharged engine, and it's slow and steady to any destination.

2024 Cornerstone
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Part of the money we're being asked to drop on the Cornerstone also goes to the countless comfort and safety systems that aid while driving, parking, and even while at rest in some parks. This includes automatic leveling, traction control, an air brake system, a three-stage engine brake, and a suspension setup meant to make you feel like you're driving on air because, well, you really are.

Now, picture yourself pulling into some RV park that's near your dream destination. Maybe you've even parked yourself illegally on the edge of some mountain ridge somewhere overlooking the valley below. Since you've been driving for most of the day, it's time to stretch your bones and get ready to unfurl the rest of Cornerstone's magic.

Again, depending on the floorplan, at the press of a button, you'll be able to unleash an array of slide-out sections of the Cornerstone, in the process, accessing the place you'll call home for the next few days. Typically, all five floorplans place the living room, dinette, and part of the bedroom on such systems.

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Don't step inside just yet, and unleash the side awning too. After which, open up all the storage bays tattered along the sides of the Cornerstone, set up an outdoor dining area, maybe a tent for the kids, and even turn on the outdoor entertainment center. Once this is all in place, the solar panels pumping juice into batteries, and the kids unleashed into the local landscape, let's head inside to complete the rest of the day's activities.

As for what we can expect inside, think about it; this is a near-$1M mobile home, so expect it to cater to your every need, as any home should. For instance, units aren't just filled with all the residential-sized necessities of life, but countless options let you mix and match features like the dinette, swap couches for entertainment centers, or add extra modular bedding options. Be sure to bring your checkbook if you plan on making more changes to your dream.

Since everything else is in running order, made possible by all the safety and comfort systems integrated into the Cornerstone, you take a seat in front of the electronic fireplace, lift your legs, and watch the rest of your family buzzing about the unit. As you do, be sure to feel the leather underneath your fingertips, look around at all the storage options overhead, place your bare foot on the porcelain floor, and even throw a smile at your significant other as he or she spins around in the kitchen, whipping up tonight's meal.

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This is as good a time as any to get up, head over to him or her, sneak in a kiss on the cheek, and explore the rest of this bugger. In truth, you both know that you're heading to the bedroom to take a nap after the long drive. After a quick wash, you find yourself at the edge of a king bed and throw yourself onto it. It's lights out.

Fast forward a bit, and with your nap over and the sun nearing the horizon, everyone is waiting for you outside to catch the sunset in god's garden. Talk about dinner and a movie! Tell stories, relax, escape the city life, or just live out the rest of your life on the road. It's your million bucks; who am I to tell you what to do with it?

Not sure you can live a life on the road with one of these babies? Then I haven't done my job properly. Remember, these babies include solar panels, an Onan generator, batteries, three AC units, heating, water-saving and filtration systems, washers and dryers, dishwashers, sound bars, TVs, optional satellite dish... starting to get the idea?

Yes, nearly a million bucks, maybe even more after upgrades and all that, but the trade-off is home-worthy living no matter the RV park, lot, edge of some vineyard, movie set, or, worst-case scenario, the dealer's lot, since I wouldn't have enough cash to fill up this thing's tank after I bought it.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Cornerstone model years.

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