Jayco's 2024 Comet Campervan Is the Best Example of Big Things Coming in Small Packages

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2024 Comet2024 Comet2024 Comet2024 Comet2024 Comet2024 Comet2024 Comet2024 Comet
The mobile living industry is a big place, but one team that's always been a staple is Jayco. Well, this time around, we take a deeper dive into their 2024 Comet, a campervan that, honestly, surprised the living hell out of me with its modular features and simply ingenious layout. This one is for the nomad at heart.
Folks, a campervan isn't the easiest of RVs to create. At least, not a solid one, filled with all the necessities to stay on the road for days, weeks, and even years, if you can handle tight spaces, that is. Well, my exploration into Jayco's most recent works, in particular, the 2024 Comet, made me realize that this timeless crew has been really busy behind the curtains.

As a result, Jayco partner dealerships will now be able to offer us what could be one of the most complete campervan layouts I've seen from this brand thus far. There's just one slight catch to all the magic you see in the gallery; the starting price for one of these babies is set at $133,050 (€124,500 at current exchange rates). Let's see why and if it's all worth it for the modern and digital nomad lifestyle.

Now, everything we see is built upon a Ram ProMaster 1500 cargo van chassis. You know, the kind meant for the more oversized loads. This is all set up on a 136 in wheelbase and powered by a 3.6 l V6 engine with 276 hp. Oh, it can also generate a maximum of 250 lb-ft (339 Nm) of torque. Did I mention that it's also a tad under 18 ft (5.5 m) long?

2024 Comet
Photo: Jayco Inc
This technically classifies this bugger as a compact camper, but believe it or not, the interior of the Comet is filled with more goodies than the majority of Class B machines out there. Let's skip over the exterior features for now and dive into all that is the Comet.

Entry into the living space inside can be achieved via three places. There's a side door, typical of such units, and swivel seating at the front, but my personal favorite is the rear of the Comet. Why the tail end? Well, I'm the kind of guy who likes to explore and even get a little dirty in the process.

Well, upon coming back from whatever adventure in the woods I've embarked upon when I get back "home," dirty and battered by the elements, I can open up the two swing doors at the rear and access the unit's bathroom. No need to dirty up the rest of my home. An adjoining wardrobe is also within arm's reach for a quick change of clothes. It's a simple feature and design but with a massive impact on your mobile lifestyle.

Once you're nice and cleaned up, the next space you encounter is the kitchen. To the left side of the Comet, a galley block places a sink and faucet at your disposal, but also ample storage for foodstuffs and utensils. Across from this space, a fridge and microwave are added, but a portable induction cooktop is in place.

2024 Comet
Photo: Jayco Inc
If indoor cooking isn't your thing, just head outside and throw something on the grill, assuming you like cooking under god's gaze. If you want some privacy from Ra, open up the awning, and that's that.

The final feature that needs our attention is the bedroom/living room that Jayco has designed for the Comet. During the day, the unit offers ample space to stroll through this mini mobile home. But, come nighttime, what was once your living room is to be shifted over to nothing more than your bedroom.

Simply put, you may have noticed the couch that is in place during the day and the bench seating vis-a-vis. It's these two features that combine as the sun sets to reveal a bedroom suitable for two adults. If you drop the window screens, you can go to bed while allowing yourself to be absorbed into the world outside.

2024 Comet
Photo: Jayco Inc
Now that you have an idea of what the layout is like and the fact that even a bathroom is integrated beautifully into this compact half-shell, it's time to see what else we're paying for. Since there's quite a bit of Jayco's know-how and experience poured into each Comet, I'll touch up on just a few more basic essentials.

For starters, that Ram chassis is jam-packed with features like a rear backup camera, blind spot monitoring, LaneSense, crosswind assist, and much more. Heck, even drowsy driver detection is standard. Then there are things like the Onan generator, 1,000 W inverter, heating holding tanks, and even a water filtration and management system, the latter from ShowerMi$er. Personally, I recommend checking out the "Customer Value Package" Jayco offers, and with a few hundred extra bucks, grab a solar setup.

Still, having a tad of trouble understanding what Jayco has achieved here? To help you along, take a look at the introduction video below and see the Comet in action. Better yet, open up your browser and type in "2024 Comet Jayco" in the Google search bar, click near me, and go see this proverbial "big thing in a little package" for yourself. Just be warned; you might be leaving the lot with a fresh Class B motorhome, and like many other times before, Jayco's responsible for it.

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