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MINI Clubvan First Drive by The Auto Channel

In 2012, MINI released a new concept, based on their customer's demands.  It's called the Clubvan and it is "the world's first premium compact delivery van" for "trend-conscious commercial users". That means it's aiming at the owners of small businesses that want to impress with a touch of style.
MINI Clubvan 1 photo
Coming up with the Clubvan wasn't so hard to do. After all, it shares almost everything with the car it is based on, the Clubman. The only difference is that the Clubvan, being used for business purposes, lost the back seats, covered up the rear windows, has a flat floor and the front seats are separated from the cargo area by a stainless steel mesh.

Other than that, the mechanical parts, suspension, engines and transmissions are the same as the ones on the Clubman. The car Henny Hemmes tested was a Clubvan Cooper D, fitted with a 1.6-liter diesel engine with 112 HP and 200 lb-ft (270 Nm) of torque hooked up to a manual gearbox. However, MINI also offers petrol engines and automatic gearboxes for the Clubvan models.

Auto Channel editor Henny Hemmes took one for a spin. He found that the Clubvan could easily be used as a commercial vehicle, even though some countries might not designate this car as such due to technical reasons. The best use for this car might be as a delivery vehicle which offers good space for the money and logo.



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