MINI Paceman SD All4 Review by Autocar

The recent release of MINI's new car, the Paceman, brought a lot of confusion to the market. What is? Who are its competitors? And is it any good? These are questions to which Autocar is trying to answer in their latest test drive.
MINI Paceman SD All4 Review by Autocar 8 photos
MINI Paceman SD All4MINI Paceman SD All4MINI Paceman SD All4MINI Paceman SD All4MINI Paceman SD All4MINI Paceman SD All4MINI Paceman SD All4
Aiming directly at the Nissan Juke and Range Rover Evoque, the new MINI is trying to make a name for itself on a rather new segment by having a sleeker, sportier feel than its competitors.

By now you are probably familiar with the Paceman's looks. It's almost a new 3-door version of the Countryman, dubbed as a "Sports Activity Coupe", making it the second one of its kind in the BMW Group, next to the X6. However, the differences are quite noticeable.

Going inside you'll find the same dash as in almost every other MINI. The surprise comes from the back seat. Instead of going for a traditional bench-style design, the British brand decided to give the Paceman a refreshed look. You'll only find 2 seats at the back, separated by a central divider. This new take on the interior design might attract the open-minded customers but it could also alienate the conventional buyers who would rather have a more conventional bench.

The engine of the SD Paceman is a 2-liter diesel with 143 HP and 225 lb-ft (305 Nm) of torque and is hooked up to an all-wheel-drive transmission for the All4 version. This unit offers good throttle response, being especially torquey at low RPMs. Being an SD version, the car is pretty flexible and the steering is sharp and precise.

The ride feels firm and even gets uncomfortable on poor asphalt surfaces but it has some extra dynamism over the standard version. The overall feel of the SD is rather dynamic, lively and even flowing on smooth roads.

The fuel economy of 48 mpg (5 l/100 km) makes a strong point for the SD Paceman, especially considering future possible oil prices. When going for the front-wheel-drive version you'll get even better numbers, rated at 51 mpg (4.6 l/100 km), due to losing 75 kg (165 lb) of the kerb weight of the car.

Overall, being priced exactly between the cheaper Nissan Juke and the more expensive Range Rover Evoque, the Paceman is your top choice at the moment, bringing you premium quality and performance at the best price.



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