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Mercedes-Benz UK Prepares For The Harsh Winter Ahead

The latest forecasts for the upcoming 2013/2014 winter in Great Britain sound a bit apocalyptic to say the least, with about three months of heavy and persistent snow and a range of temperatures that are more expected in countries like Greenland.
Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 (UK-Spec) 1 photo
For this particular reason, Mercedes-Benz UK Retailers have started a campaign to help three-pointed star drivers in the island country find their perfect cold weather tires.

Using much higher levels of natural rubber in their compound, cold weather tires provide much better performance in ice and snow-covered roads or when the exterior temperature is simply much lower.

For example, fitting winter tires improves braking distances by up to 50 percent on snow-covered roads and by up to four meters on wet and cold roads. On top of it, cold weather tires are also 20 percent more durable than summer tires in low temperatures – a figure which we had expected to be a bit higher, actually.

Mercedes-Benz UK customers have the chance to win one of ten sets of cold weather tires and wheels for their cars after logging on to and then answering an easy question.


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