Mercedes-Benz GT S Goes Drag Racing, Ends Up Figure Skating

Mercedes-AMG GT S drag racing 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
All drag racing videos start the same: two cars line up at one end of the track, rev their engines, do a little burnout if they feel like it, and then it’s all throttle, throttle, throttle for the next quarter of a mile.
Some of them manage to be interesting just by simply showing the contest between the two cars, but that usually happens when a Mercedes-AMG is pitted against a BMW M or two American muscle cars from different manufacturers compete. In this case, the Mercedes-AMG GT S seems to be fighting a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG, so unless you like family feuds, the duel loses some of its interest. After all, it’s a pretty old four-door coupé fighting against the latest sports car from Mercedes-AMG - wait, that actually sounds quite captivating.

But it’s not what makes this clip worth watching. There isn’t even a burnout at the start, just some minor and benign wheelspin. Even though it shines like crazy, the asphalt is actually bone dry as the sand/dust in between the lanes proves, if the fact that the race takes place in the arid Middle-East wasn’t enough to begin with.

OK, it’s not like you were going to miss it otherwise, but we’ll still tell you what it is. Midway through the race, the GT driver loses control of the car and veers to the left. From the outside, it looks like it hit one of those motor oil pools we used to get rid of our opponents in arcade games, but it’s hard to tell exactly what really caused him to lose grip.

What’s clear is that he does the one thing he shouldn’t and brakes, making the rear come out even more. As he goes across onto the other lane, the car looks to be stabilized, but then the heavy front end acts like a trebuchet and comes crashing into the concrete barriers.

What have we learned? First of all, don’t drag race on tracks that have solid barriers less than one foot from the lanes. Second of all, the brakes aren’t always your friend. And third, it’s not cool to place motor oil pools on your opponent’s lane, OK?

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