RENNtech Teases Its Mercedes-AMG GT Package at SEMA, Looks Promising

RENNtech Mercedes-AMG GT S 1 photo
Photo: RENNtech
There are a few tuners out there that you know what to expect from even before they start working on a car, and that’s because they’re very consistent. RENNtech is certainly one of them.
This can be both good, and bad. It’s good because this places RENNtech into a very select company of tuners who really know what they’re doing, they have a certain pattern and they keep to it no matter what. And it’s bad because, you know, once in a while, you do need something surprising to spice things up.

Well, this Mercedes-AMG GT package isn’t surprising, but it is spicy enough to count as a positive spike in RENNtech’s lifeline. When the tuners started working on the car quite a few months ago, they discovered the GT S’ 4.0-liter twinturbo V8 engine, which was supposed to dish out 510 hp, was actually a lot more generous and offered 532 hp instead.

Probably happy about the headstart this discovery offered them, the guys at RENNtech went on with the development of their Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance upgrade kits. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any info on how that’s going - RENNtech hasn’t revealed the specs for their future upgrade just yet, saying it’s still working on it - but we do get to see a Mercedes-AMG GT S with a RENNtech modified exterior.

The paint job - and by that we mean the color scheme - is debatable, but everything else about the car looks just right. Present at the SEMA Show, the RENNtech project car seems to be all but completed, at least as far as the exterior goes.

It comes with larger air intakes, lowered suspension, a more aggressive splitter, extended side skirts and, of course, a large rear wing. With the rear still a mystery considering this teaser is the only available image, the only thing that’s left to talk about are the matte grey 10-spoke ADV.1 wheels of unknown size.

We’ll keep you up to date with how this story unfolds the second we find out more about it.
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