Mercedes-AMG G63 Forward Control Rendering Looks Like a Classic Jeep

The SUV segment now includes Teslas and Lamborghinis, Porsches, and the Hellcat-powered sledgehammers. But the Mercedes-AMG G 63 is still one of the most interesting proposals. It's unapologetically boxy yet also luxurious and quite fast.
Mercedes-AMG G63 Forward Control Rendering Looks Like a Classic Jeep 1 photo
Photo: superrenderscars/Instagram
Because the G 63 is still a "celebrity car," it's common practice to imagine it with crazy mods, like carbon hoods, big wheels, and colorful wraps. However, we've never seen anything like this, the Forward Control rendering created by superrenderscars.

We don't know what the purpose of this conversion would be, but it somehow feels very natural. With the four-door body moved forward, the powerful G-Class starts to look like every old van ever made, from the Volkswagen T4 to the Ford Econoline. One notable advantage of the layout would be a bigger truck bed.

Even though it's not a core part of the G-Class identity, pickups are almost omnipresent in the range. Even now, with the crazy 6x6 out of production, you can still buy an uber-expensive adventure truck from Brabus, the 700 XLP.

But the rendering is more like a Jeep Forward Control than anything else. Sure, the FC hasn't been in production for over half a century. But collectors are willing to spend a lot of money on perfectly restored examples, and we've even seen FCA throwing a few restomods our way during the Easter Safari.

But if you want a boxy, rugged 4x4 pickup with this kind of design, Mercedes makes one too. It's called the Unimog and has been in production ever since 1948. This versatile truck has been converted for many jobs thanks to its versatile chassis, which centers around a flexible ladder frame with short overhangs, and coil sprung beam portal axles, a central torque tube, and transverse links.

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