Meet the Momentum Huvra, an All-Electric Supercar Concept, Days Before Its Unveiling

A company is set to unveil an electric supercar concept in just a few days. The vehicle is described as an all-electric supercar, and it is designed by a company that also works with blockchain, data privacy, and other IT-related systems and technologies.
Momentum Hovra concept 12 photos
Photo: Image in PDF document by Crypto Data Tech / Andy Popescu - Facebook
Momentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra conceptMomentum Hovra concept
The presentation is set to take place on March 19th, 2022, during an event dubbed Decentralized Connectivity Redefined, as noted in a press release from the Crypto DATA Tech company. Now, we saw a render of a coupé and thought it looked familiar, so we went on to look for more.

Eventually, we found an older presentation in PDF format, which revealed images of a concept vehicle that is called Momentum Huvra. Just like the described concept vehicle that is set to be unveiled four days from today, it is also a fully electric supercar, and it was designed by the same company that announced the reveal of this concept vehicle.

You can find the vehicle in the PDF presentation that we attached to this article, which is mainly focused on the company itself, but has a few pages that refer to the electric vehicle concept. For maximum ease of use, we took a few print screens of the vehicle showcased in the PDF, and you can view those in the photo gallery.

The specs of the concept vehicle announce a 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) time of just 1.8 seconds, with a 300 kph (186 mph) top speed, but different pages in the presentation mention an even higher top speed, of 330 kph. The maximum range is estimated at 800 kilometers (ca. 497 miles), while city driving would bring a 700-km (434-mile) range.

Switching to sport mode would reduce the maximum range to an estimated 350 kilometers (217 miles), as you can observe in the presentation and in the photo gallery, while using it on a racetrack would mean the range would be enough for ten laps, as the presentation claimed.

Peak output would range from 250 to over 950 horsepower, depending on the selected driving mode, while torque would range from 600 Nm (442 lb.ft.) to 1600 Nm (1,176 lb.ft.), according to the tech company that designed the Huvra concept vehicle. We distinguish the presence of at least four driving modes, which influence the range, suspension, power delivery, and performance.

The concept vehicle is designed to have a carbon fiber frame, two sets of batteries, and it is described to use AI to provide the best performance in all conditions. Their imagined two-battery setup would allow the user to swap out some batteries to enable a quick top-up of power. Battery capacity or technology was not specified, though.

Unlike other concept vehicles that are presented by tech companies, this one even has a scale model, info revealed on Facebook by a local vlogger who is set to showcase it in four days. The vehicle's name was not announced, and the vehicle itself was shown on the back of a flatbed truck that was transporting it somewhere.

The presentation will also have Martin Eberhard, one of Tesla Inc.' Co-founders, present as a speaker. Some outlets from Romania, the country where the tech company responsible for the design was founded back in 2013, claim that the Tesla co-founder will participate in the launch of the country's first electric supercar.

It is not clear if Eberhard has anything to do with this supercar concept or is just a speaker at an event where the vehicle will be revealed. So take that with a grain of salt, if you want our opinion on the matter.

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 Download: PDF presentation of Crypto DATA Tech (PDF)

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