McLaren Senna Spits Fire During Track Day, Looks Like a Dragon

McLaren Senna Spits Fire 4 photos
Photo: Ekanoo Racing/Instagram
McLaren Senna spitting flamesMcLaren Senna spitting flamesMcLaren Senna spitting flames
McLaren is delivering more and more models that come with an upright exhaust design and the fiercest one in the current lineup involves the Senna. You know, the 800 horsepower monster that feels just as good on the track as it does on the road.
And we've brought along a sample that showcases what such an exhaust layout means on the circuit. Sure, the most important aspect is the technical one, since the hardware allows the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 to operate at its full potential. But we can't ignore the show delivered here.

While the soundtrack of the Senna isn't on par with the hypercar's dynamics, the flames spat by its exhaust certainly are. And, thanks to the example we have here, you'll get to see the Woking animal impersonating a dragon.

The video was captured while the McLaren Senna tore apart the Bahrain International Circuit, so you'll get to enjoy a bit of night time action.

Speaking of the McLaren Senna, we'll remind you that the best of the hypercar has yet to come. You see, the British automotive producer has come up with the Senna GTR, which is the racing incarnation of the machine.

Well, there will be customers willing to take the racecar out on the roads and this is where the street-legal conversion kit will come into play.

As is has happened with the McLaren P1 GTR (here's a real world example), the kit will be handled by McLaren partner Lanzante Motorsport. Of course, the drivability of the car might be reduced compared to the "standard" Senna, but this shouldn't be an issue for the specific clientele.

"Why would anybody want to bring a road car-based racecar back to the street?" one might ask. Well, this is just how things work in the go-fast business...

While you can find the video of the shenanigan on Instagram (the clip can't be embedded here), we've added some screenshots above for those of you who don't want to go through the effort.
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