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McLaren Reveals Extreme E Off-Road Racer Livery and Historic Driving Choice

All the way back in June of this year McLaren announced that it would partake in the upcoming season of Extreme E off-road racing. Now we know what the car looks like and who both drivers are. One might surprise you.
McLaren Extreme E racecar 6 photos
McLaren Extreme E racecarMcLaren Extreme E racecarMcLaren Extreme E racecarMcLaren Extreme E racecarMcLaren Extreme E racecar
Extreme E is a new racing series designed to highlight the dangers of climate change. Sound strange? We know. Listen to this, though. Every Extreme E race car is fully electric and the entire series aims to be carbon neutral by the end of this first season.

In keeping with the theme of things that don't seem to go together is McLaren getting involved. That's because all Extreme E racecars are SUVs. Nevertheless, they're fielding a factory-backed team for the 2022 season. Today, we get a chance to see it and learn about the second driver that's been added.

The bright McLaren orange-themed livery was actually hand-drawn by award-winning artist Vic Lee. According to McLaren, the livery pays tribute to each biome that the race series will visit including the ocean, arctic, amazon, and desert.

They also want it to demonstrate their commitment to the "Count Us In" pledge. That pledge is all about getting at least a billion people to take practical steps towards reducing their carbon footprint.

In addition to the Livery reveal, McLaren told us about their second driver. We've known for a little bit that Tanner Foust would be the first driver on the team. Now we know that the second is Emma Gilmour.

That's historic because she's the first-ever female driver for McLaren Racing. She's deserving as well. This season she's been a reserve driver for another Extreme E team but she's got a great resume beyond that. She was the first woman to win a New Zealand Rally Championship Event too.

While there's no plan for a production McLaren SUV, it's clear that the company is working hard to advance its own understanding of electrification. We can't wait to see what comes from this new racing team.

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