McLaren 720S Vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S Drag Race Is a Humbling Experience

What, a drag strip killer like the McLaren 720S going up against a 580 horsepower Porsche 911? Who even comes up with these dubious combinations?
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Well, let's not lose our pants just yet because things aren't as bad as they might seem. First of all, the German sports car does have one very important advantage, and that's the fact all four wheels get a portion of those 580 ponies, something the McLaren can only wish for (or not, actually).

Second, this particular 991.2 Turbo S doesn't have 580 hp, but 675 thanks to a cat delete and some additional tuning. That places it just 45 hp short of McLaren's output, but the power to weight ration is still not in the Porker's favor as it is much heavier than the British supercar.

Nevertheless, it's not like we've ever seen a drag race that was perfectly even on the paper, not to mention on the actual track, so let's just focus on each vehicle's positives. We've been through the list for the 911 (all-wheel-drive, some mods), so what about the McLaren?

Well, it doesn't really need any introduction. The British manufacturer's lineup currently consists of a bunch of drag racing monsters, each within its own category. Despite being rear-wheel-driven, the McLaren's traction control makes it behave as if all four wheels were digging into the blacked out tarmac of the track, and it shows in the times it gets.

Unfortunately, this particular race between the two is a little marred by the very poor start reaction from the Porsche 911 Turbo S driver. It's almost as if his right foot was anywhere else other than hovering above the throttle pedal when the lights went green, and it cost him. It took him the most part of a full second to launch the car after the start, which is why the result looks so heavily tilted in one direction.

But even if he had been more responsive, it still wouldn't have mattered other than for style points. Even with its best pass of the night, the Porsche still wouldn't have been able to beat the McLaren's time. Not to mention the orange supercar went on to get an even better time, just hundreds of seconds away from breaking into the nines. The mighty McLaren strikes again, and it does so in style.

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