Matte Orange BMW i8 Spotted in Belgium

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Photo: autogespot
Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8Orange Matt BMW i8
It seems like the Netherlands and Belgium are two of the European countries where cars are more than just a means of getting around. Over there, car enthusiasts usually make a statement with their cars and that’s maybe due to the fact that they are on the brink of extinction.
Just recently I visited the Netherlands and Amsterdam and I noticed that it’s not exactly the most car-friendly town you can name in all of Europe. As a matter of fact, cars were the exception over there, most people using bikes, scooters and trams to get around.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing either. Of course, as a car enthusiast I found it rather disappointing, especially since I was riding in a 1969 Camaro Z28 but then again, I can understand it all.

Narrow streets, crowded cities and huge traffic jams are not especially pleasant. That’s what you get when everyone drives around in cities around the Netherlands and Belgium.

That being said, it’s pretty obvious that once you do buy a car over there, you want it to stand out as much as possible. Therefore, we can definitely understand why this BMW i8 is dressed in matte orange.

The spotter saw it in Sint-Martens-Latem, a city in Belgium that is not exactly known for its high rate of supercars. Then again, to be completely honest, the i8 is not a supercar per say!

It looks like one and sure as hell has the performance to match some older supercars but it’s not a modern version of the M1 though. What it is, on the other hand, is an experiment done by BMW to try and see how small an engine could be so that you can still have fun behind the wheel while saving the planet.

The answer seems to be 1.5 liters.
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