Man Forgets Gold AK-47 in Russian Taxi

Man Forgets Gold AK-47 in Russian Taxi 4 photos
Photo: English Russia
Man Forgets Gold AK-47 in Russian TaxiMan Forgets Gold AK-47 in Russian TaxiMan Forgets Gold AK-47 in Russian Taxi
A taxi cab company in the Russian city of ST Petersburg recently announced a very strange object had joined their lost items inventory. It's a gold AK-47 in a special slim case designed to carry it.
For centuries, medieval alchemists tried to make a device that would turn any metal into precious gold. Some claimed they'd cracked it, but thanks to modern science we know it's impossible. Or is it?

Explaining why somebody had an AK-47 in a taxi is hard enough, but the fact that this killing device is made from gold is the puzzling part. And we're not talking about gold plating. No, this is real solid gold (at least that's what the Russians are saying).

The gun probably weighs twice as much as the steel version. Considering a kilogram of gold costs around $1.2 million $39,000 at today's exchange rates. Which means the gun probably costs more than the car.

According to English Russia, Troika Cars held onto the gun in secret for a few days, hoping the owner would come forth. But when he didn't they posted some photos online. The Russians aren't known for being discrete. Over the years, we've seen plenty of gold-wrapped cars.

We associate gold guns with James Bond villain Scaramanga and Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. He had quite a big collection of gold weapons that included the AK-47, AKM and Thompson submachine gun. Could this be one of his toys?

Russia's self-taught gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov came up with the AK-47 design at the age of 22. He set about creating the design after he was wounded during the Second World War. Known for its durability and versatility, the Kalashnikov machine gun has been produced in over 20 variants and probably killed more people than any other weapon.

That's why we find the fact that somebody celebrated it by making one from gold totally revolting. It's probably an illegal import too, which is why nobody is claiming it.
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