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Man Drives Into Water, Drowns After Following Google Maps Navigation Directions

Not a long time ago, the directions provided by Google Maps to a young Russian driver sent him and his friend to an abandoned road, eventually causing one of them to freeze to death while the other ended up in hospital in severe condition.
Google Maps did not offer updated info on the bridge 1 photo
And now, Google Maps navigation has contributed to another unfortunate event, as a 34-year-old driver ended up with the car in the water, eventually drowning because he didn’t know how to swim.

It happened in India where 34-year-old Satish Ghule was driving his boss and a friend towards Kalsubai, Maharashtra’s highest peak, for trekking. The driver didn’t know the route, so he turned to Google Maps for help.

But according to local media citing police statements, Google Maps sent the man to a bridge that can only be used for eight months, after which it ends up submerged, as the authorities release the water from a nearby dam. The information on the Google Maps was most likely outdated, so no warning was provided on the current condition of the bridge.

Because the three were traveling during the night, they couldn’t see the bridge was already underwater, so they drove directly into the water, with the car eventually started sinking. The trio managed to get out of the vehicle by opening the windows, but the driver didn’t know how to swim and eventually drowned.

While driving towards Kalsubai for trekking, they had lost their way and sought guidance from Google Maps, when they accidentally drove into the water,” Senior Inspector Abhay Parmar of Akole police station was quoted as saying. “There is a bridge there, which is operational for eight months. But for four months after the rainy season, the water of the dam is released and the bridge goes underwater, due to which it cannot be used,” Deputy Superintendent of police Rahul Madhne added.

The locals rushed to the scene in an attempt to rescue the driver, but since it all happened during the night, his body was only found the next day in the morning.


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