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Google Maps Feature Shows 2020 Was the Worst Year, Period

There’s no doubt 2020 has been a crazy year, with people forced to stay at home for so many months because of a global health issue that the planet is now trying to deal with.
The summary also tells users how much they've travelled 1 photo
Travelling has been more or less a dream that was impossible to come true throughout 2020, and Google Maps Timeline, a feature that provides users with an overview of the places they’ve been to, is the living proof in this regard.

Google has started sending out so-called “2020 Timeline update” emails that are based on information collected in the latest 12 months by the Google Maps Timeline, essentially showing a summary of the cities and places each and every one of us traveled to.

Google too says 2020 has been a crazy year, explaining people didn’t travel as much as they used because of obvious reasons.

The global health crisis, Google says, “has changed the world’s travels in 2020, and how many places people were able to visit. If you were able to travel this year, you can see some of the places you’ve been with the help of this automated Timeline email.

As per one report, the email includes cities and places displayed on the map, as well as a new trends section that shows what others have visited too. You can also see how many hours you spent behind the wheel last year with Google Maps providing you with navigation instructions (spoiler: fewer than in 2019, of course, given many countries entered a total lockdown in the spring).

These emails are sent only to Google Maps users who enabled Location History in their accounts. When activated, this feature logs information about the places you’re going to and then shows them on the map, while also providing users with personalized information on Google Maps, including restaurant recommendations. Needless to say, users can enable and disable Location History at any time and delete the data displayed in the Timeline.


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