Male Drivers Are More Aggressive on the Road

Although many female drivers have started using swear words when behind the wheel, a recent study shows men are more prone to road rage when driving.

The study made by insurer AAMi and revealed by brings to the general attention that male drivers are more aggressive and more dangerous when driving as they are likely to ignore speed limits and seek revenge all the time they feel wronged by other road users.

"Men admitted to engaging in a range of aggressive, dangerous and even illegal behaviors on our roads, in much higher numbers than women," AAMI spokesman Mike Sopinski said adding that “more men than women (28 per cent versus 17 per cent) say they have been so angry with the actions of another driver that they have tailgated them."

The survey included 2,500 Australian men and women who accepted to speak about their driving experiences, habits and practices. But besides male drivers' aggressiveness, the study revealed other interesting facts as well. For instance, men may be prone to road rage when driving but they are also able of friendly gestures such as warning other drivers about speed camera by flashing their lights.

More importantly, women seem to be no better than men when behind the wheel. Female and male drivers are just as likely to make rude gestures at other motorists, only that women are not going any further and don't allow road rage to take full control on them.

In addition, the research shows that female drivers are more likely to cause road damage by striking stationary objects such as poles, trees, fences or even buildings. As if that wasn't enough, women seem to be more likely to collide with cyclists and pedestrians as well as to hit parked cars.

Well, the last one isn't surprising at all as women are known for having real difficulties when parking but the fact that they collide with humans might be more alarming than male drivers' aggressiveness on the road.
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