London “Millionaire Boy Racers” to Get 1,000 Pound Fines for Revving in the Streets

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It looks like the troubles of North London residents are about to end as the City Council has finally decided to tackle the recently discovered sport of revving supercar engines in the streets.
The local authorities have introduced a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for London’s Knightsbridge area, following constant complaints from local residents concerning the excessive level of noise made by certain drivers who frequented the area.

Most of the drivers in question have two things in common: they all drive loud supercars, and they all come from the Middle-East, landing in the UK in July to escape the hot summer in their homelands. And to brag a little about their cars while they’re at it.

Funnily enough, British sports cars owners have joined in lately, adding to the misery of their countrymen who happen to live in one of the best London neighborhoods.

Based on the PSPO, the police can now impose a £1,000 ($1,500) fine to anyone caught excessively revving their engines, accelerating rapidly, racing, performing stunts or even leaving the vehicles running while stationary. At a first glance, the fine should be enough to solve the problem, but if you stop to think about the financial profile of these people, the only thing this measure might do is bring more money to the city’s coffers.

Understandingly, the news was met with excitement by the residents. Speaking to Daily Mail, Panda Morgan-Thomas, one of the many people who have been affected by these antics, said, “I am delighted that the council has finally taken action and I very much hope that this step will prove effective.”

“It remains to be seen whether a fine, which must appear small to people who can afford to drive around in cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, and sometimes millions, will have an impact.”

“However, at last the issue of noise pollution in residential areas -has been recognised and the council has taken a step forward for which they are to be thanked and congratulated.”
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