Audi TT Circumcision Ambulance Stolen in London. Wait, What?

Audi TT Circumcision Ambulance 1 photo
Photo: Shomrim N.E. London on Twitter
Carjacking in London isn't anything special, even when the vehicle in question is a current-generation Audi TT. But when the overdressed Golf has a blue light bar on its roof and is known as a... circumcision ambulance, the topic might just be of interest.
The TT was taken over with a bang, as the thieves assaulted the driver, grabbed the keys, as well as the man’s watch, and drove away. The violent events took place on Wednesday.

As we said, the TT was a private ambulance, serving a company that performs home circumcision services.

Wearing the BF65 FLB number plate, the stolen Audi went viral on Twitter. We don’t know if this influenced the thieves or not, but we can tell you the TT was found in the carpark of a Newham pub yesterday.

We don’t even want to imagine the kind of stuff that makes up the equipment that was inside the car. Tiny knives whose fear factor is inversely proportional with their size are probably just a small part of the arsenal.

We’re not the only ones surprised to see such a vehicle being registered as an ambulance, complete with the appropriate livery and flashing blue lights. After news of the theft spread online, many people wanted to know the legal side of the TT being registered as a medical vehicle.

The first thought that comes to mind has to do with an idea many petrolheads probably had as teenagers - the idea that registering your car, preferably a sporty vehicle, as an ambulance would give you a new understanding of driving freedom.

From this point on, the story is unclear. For instance, most circumcisions in the UK are done based on religious reasons and this practice is mostly unregulated.

The Audi TT belongs to Ephraim Josovic, who runs this baby circumcision service. Nevertheless, with the Scotland Yard investigating the theft, we’re sure the situation of the Audi TT ambulance will thoroughly be assessed.
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