Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG Exemplifies the “Tires Are Evil and Must Die” Mantra

Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG smoking in London 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Aaaand we’re back on the streets of London, where some very nice and well-mannered gentlemen are performing their nightly routine in front of a very delighted camera-wielding crowd.
We’ve shown you cars revving their engines, doing short bursts of acceleration and generally causing a hubbub on the supercars-filled streets of central London. You see, before these gentlemen came to the United Kingdom, the most irritating guys doing similar things were restricted to third-hand small hot-hatches being badly-driven in supermarket car parks.

Now, though, with the overseas infusion of cash, you get the latest and most powerful cars tuned out of their minds trying to cause as much sensation in a place that has pretty much seen it all during the past few years. To be honest, I’m very surprised we’re not getting more of these videos with people crashing their cars in their futile attempt to show off.

Today’s subject is a Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG that could moonlight as a smoke machine in a night club with ease. The gentleman driving the car is doing his best to make the effort of those present on the sidewalk worthwhile, even though that means being an obnoxious nuisance for everybody else he’s sharing the street with.

Well, almost everybody else, as half of the cars present there have shown up for the exact same reason as him, only they haven’t prepared an equally spectacular choreography as the CLS. The Mercedes is seen driving back and forth and performing burnouts whenever possible, leaving the ecstatic audience to breathe in the cancer like it was incense.

I strongly oppose this kind of ridiculous showing off that’s also very intrusive into other people’s lives, so unless one of these cars explodes in a ball of flames, this is the last time I’ll ever publish such images, in the hope that this activity will eventually get boring and die out by itself. So enjoy this last piece of douchery from the streets of London you'll see from us.

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