Lito Sora Signature Series Makes Appearance in Hawaii Five-0

Lito Sora appears in CBS' Hawaii Five-0 series, and we applaud this product placement move. Not because showing off such advanced machines in the movies is a smart marketing move, but because this might be the start of a trend. And we like this a lot!
Lito Sora in Hawaii Five-0 action 1 photo
Product placement has always represented a smart decision for manufacturers of goods of all sorts. Even more, buying the slot in successful movies or even music videos turned out to be a major investment in a brand's or one of their products' image.

However, when it comes to electric motorcycles, things may be a bit iffy, as they are still regarded as a piece of novelty, if not looked at with strange, suspicious eyes.

Harley and Marvel collaborated well and placed Milwaukee's LiveWire electric machine in one of the Captain America movies, having Hollywood belle Scarlett Johansson in a leather catsuit astride the bike.
What works for a non-product should work even better for a series bike
And the Harley-Davidson LiveWire is not even a real product, yet. H-D's electric machine is only a working prototype, but its tech specs are exceedingly poor, and Milwaukee should ask a fortune on the bike as it is now to make a penny off it.

In fact, Harley themselves admitted that the (currently estimated) price should be halved and the performance improved by at least 100% to have a bike with decent chances to make it on the market.

Even though the Lito Sora was advertised right from the start as a luxury machine, with a price that crosses it off the list of Zero rivals, seeing this machine in movies is a great step.

After all, more and more people have to see it and acknowledge its presence on the market, so that they become curious. In this niche, curiosity doesn't kill the cat but instead shows people what the future is made of. And perhaps there is still some time to wait until this future draws near, but it is an implacable one.

PS: Always wear a helmet, especially when riding a bike that produces 90 Nm (66.3 lb-ft) of torque off idle and can reach a 120 mph (193 km/h) top speed.

Lito Sora Signature Series


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