Leaked Area 51 Photo Proves BMW X7 Is Actually an Alien Craft

Leaked Area 51 Photo Proves BMW X7 Is Actually an Alien Craft 1 photo
Photo: Plastiliner on Instagram
Looking at the massive frame of the new X7 SUV, you may think that it's too long and heavy to be a BMW. Sure, it's a luxury vehicle, but there's almost nothing connecting it to the core of the brand.
That's because the BMW X7 isn't a BMW at all. This photo has been stolen from Area 51 and proves the model was actually designed for flight. Where we normally see wheels, the craft now sports some kind of jet technology making commutes much faster and allowing interplanetary travel.

We believe that the American government is not hiding the technology from some little grey men with anorexia, but another species of human living in secret on Mars, which also explains the red color. Did we mention Elon Musk is one of them?

Area 51 may be over 2,000 miles from Spartanburg, where the BMW X7 is assembled, but they just did that to throw us off the trail. A secret vacuum-sealed underground tunnel connects everything, and we believe every X7 buyer is secretly from the Mars Human Federation. Next time you see one, ask him what the weather is like on the red planet.

Obviously, if people knew cars could actually fly or that they didn't need fuel at all, they would want one too. Big oil companies would be out of business and so would tire repair shops. The government doesn't want that happening and is keeping the tech under wraps. If we inexplicably disappear tomorrow, you'll know what happened. The truth is out and can't be bottled up again.

But seriously, none of what we said is true. It's just a rendering made by a Moscow artist named Plastiliner and we just thought it looked cool. People are memeing about flying cars being stored in Area 51 and we thought we'd join in the fun.
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