Law Firm "Hires" First Artificially Intelligent Robot-Lawyer

Autonomous cars are dependent on the advancement of artificial intelligence, and the latter is getting smarter by the day.
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Robots are slowly entering every field of industry, and some believe humans are at risk of being replaced, especially in blue collar jobs.

Artificial intelligence has reached a certain level from where it can provide robots for white collar jobs. The first of these is a robot that can work in a law firm, and it now has its first assignment.

Dubbed Ross, the artificial intelligence lawyer will join the ranks of Baker & Hostetler, a law firm. The robot was built by IBM, and it has been “recruited” into the ranks of the bankruptcy practice, where almost 50 individual lawyers work. However, do not expect to see “Ross” in a court shortly.

Instead, the artificial co-worker will help around the office. Instead of cleaning up, brewing tea or coffee, or other tasks, this robot will answer questions. Ross was created on IBM’s cognitive computer Watson, and has been designed to understand plain English.

Lawyers will use him to provide answers from legislation, but not just by searching Google or providing references from textbooks. Since Ross features the ability of postulating hypotheses when asked questions, as well as performing research, the robot will be like an extremely well-informed intern, capable of answering any legal inquiry one may ask.

As Futurism reports, asking Ross a question will work just like with a regular colleague. Unlike humans, the robot has the capability of reading through the entire body of law before providing a cited answer. The robot is up to date on any new court decisions that might affect a case, and it is trained to monitor any law modifications around the clock.

Unlike a Google search, the robot will not provide thousands of results. Ross is programmed to supply its colleagues with only the relevant results. According to its makers, other law firms will rely on siblings of Ross for this task, and announcements of the next robot hires are to be expected.

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