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Lamborghini Gallardo Drag Races Drone Up In The Mountains

When you own a supercar and a drone, chances are you will end up drag racing them. You don't even have to take our word for it, as the piece of footage at the bottom of the page comes to show what happens when a Lamborghini owner decides to go down this route.
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Youtuber The Stradman, whose driveway is adorned with an early-model Lamborghini Gallardo decided to use his drone for other purposes than filming his ride. The man, who lives in Utah, headed for the mountains, where he organized a little drag race.

We don't want to ruin the fun by telling you what happens in the clip and yet we have to mention the fact that the improvised course seems fair for both machines. Speaking of which, the 2006 Gallardo battled it out with a 2015 DJI Phantom 3.

Truth be told, if a drone raced a supercar, the four-wheeled creature would have to be a Gallardo. Why? Well, the Huracan's predecessor was kept on the market for a full decade, so we've gotten used to seeing it entering all sorts of adventures. Oh, and as an uber-positive side effect, the Gallardo's long life led to tons of derivatives and special editions.

As for drone racing, the phenomenon is still in its infancy, but things are speeding up quickly, so, perhaps in a few years from now, we'll give you stories whose titles include the make and models of these airborne toys, just like we do with cars.

Until we get to see if that happens, we're inviting you to hit the "play" button above for the action.

P.S.: Those of you who are in a hurry (perhaps you're getting ready to hold a race of your own) can skip to the 4-minute point of the clip for the oddball drag race.

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