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Lamborghini Celebrates 10 Years in China with Huge Supercar Party, No Ferraris Were Invited

What can you do when you're a brand famous for making the most extreme supercars and you've just turned ten on what is quickly becoming the most important market in the world for such vehicles? You party, of course.
Lamborghini party in China 1 photo
In 2005, Lamborghini was making its way onto the Chinese car market, which at that time was nothing too impressive. Bear in mind this was before the economical crissis, the Beijing Olympics and pretty much anything else that made China famous at the beginning of this Century.

Still, Lamborghini ventured there and it paid off, with cars like the Murcielago and Gallardo selling like... well, hot fortune cookies. China is quickly becoming the most important market for supercars, but we have to use the past tense in Lamborghini's case, since this is where the Italian brand sells most of its cars since 2011. It's also said that the Chinese are one of the main reasons the Urus SUV has been given the green light.

These were the first models to enter China, a country that you can very easily forget is ruled by a communist regime. Any earlier models that made their way into China came on the grey market and probably belong to important figures of the ruling party.

Things have changed now and more and more people are starting to afford such supercars. The perfect proof for all this is the major convention held in Chengdu, in the Sichuan Province where CarNewsChina reports about 30 Lamborghinis showed up and literally filled the streets with their ridiculous width.

You have your regular mix of Hurracans, Gallardos and Murcielagos, but also a strong Aventador presence. As somebody very well noticed, there was still one thing missing from this great gathering: a special edition model. But time is not lost.

Lamborghini is preparing something they humorously call "China Giro" - a tour of the country that will spark more parties like this one in other cities as well. They've still got three months left until the round 10 is changed into an 11, so they'll probably make the most of it. After all, if anybody knows how to party, it must be the Italians, right?


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