Kind Russians Rescue a Kitten Stuck in a Car Spring

Want to see a "feel good" video that restores your faith in humanity? Look no further than this next one, which shows some dangerous-looking Russian men trying to rescue a kitten that trapped inside a car spring.
Cat rescued from spring 1 photo
We honestly have no idea how the cat got there, but they do have a tendency to get stuck. It's in their nature and having a smaller head than the body, cats frequently end up wedged into ducts and other tight places. But a car spring, what was it looking for in there? You know what they say: curiosity killed the cat, but not this one.

The rescue operation is by no means simple. They have to jack up what looks like an old Toyota Land Cruiser Prado high enough to get the cat out. Accessing the spring is the tricky part, using compressors which have to be tightened by hand using a wrench.

You guys are watching only a shortened version of the video. In fact, the whole thing took about 10 to 15 minutes. Looking at the rescuers, they appear to be the violent and dangerous type, but they're really kind-hearted fellows who deserve a cold one for what they did. Just look at how happy they are that the car is safe.

Like we said in the beginning of the story: faith in humanity is restored!



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