Cutest Pedestrian Kitten Ever!

Have you noticed it yet? The Internet has gotten a whole lot better ever since Russians started buying cameras. All the good stuff that goes viral happens there, from drunks on shopping carts to the strangest crashes you’ve ever seen.
That’s all brilliant and everything, but today our star is not a Russian driver who does not deserve his license, but a little kitten.

The energetic and slightly confused little cat scurries across the zebra crossing, chasing people’s legs for safety. Amusingly, he stops at the sight of an old Passat and turns back scared, only to chase another person, finally managing to get across the road.

We have no idea why the kitten did this, but we’re glad it’s furry little tail is safe. If you’d like to see more animals involved in traffic participation, we’ve got horses, dogs and camels as well.


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