Ken Block Gives Jay Leno Drifting Shotgun Ride in 845 HP Mustang Hoonicorn, Trolls USPS

Given how much space in Jay Leno’s heart has been used for building a garage, it’s not hard to put a smile on the comedian’s face when offering him a shotgun ride in a powerful car. However, in order to take Jay Leno the car collector by storm, you’ll have to come up with a pretty strong proposal. Well, Ken Block might have just managed to pull such a stunt.
Ken Block Gives Jay Leno a Drifting Shotgun Ride 1 photo
Block recently offered Leno a personal Gymkhana experience, and since both of them know a thing or two about showbiz, they decided to seize the opportunity and come up with a bit of footage.

Such stunts go extremely well with trolling these days, so the two set out to make fun of the United States Postal Service (USPS). With the USPS having only recently started replacing the 90 hp Grumman Long Life Vehicle, a machine that averages 10 mpg and has the speed of a drunken snail, it’s not difficult to understand the famous pair’s reasons.

Sure, Leno may own enough high-octane machines to reset one’s brain, but he certainly hadn’t experienced an all-wheel-drive Mustang. For one thing, we haven’t seen such a pony car since five decades ago, when Fergurson made an AWD first-gen Mustang experiment.

However, while the retro machine mentioned above kept the Mustang’s standard 289 ci V8, Ken Block’s restomod 1965 Mustang allows the man to control no less than 845 hp.

We are now one year away from the launch of Gymkhana Seven, which marked the debut of the Ford, a machine that goes by the name of Hoonicorn. Those of you who have seen the contraption in action have to agree the name is more than fitting.

We’re not here to throw spoilers (or packages) at you, so we’re inviting you to hit the “play” button below and enjoy the smokey, sideways action.

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