Jeep Wrangler Gets Three Custom New Grilles from STRUT, They All Have Seven Slots

Jeep Wrangler with STRUT grille 5 photos
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Jeep Wrangler with STRUT grilleJeep Wrangler with STRUT grilleJeep Wrangler with STRUT grilleJeep Wrangler with STRUT grille
Like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, for example, the Jeep Wrangler is the kind of vehicle that can very easily be taken on two very different paths: supreme off-road machine or lifestyle statement.
For the first option, things are pretty straight-forward: take off any unnecessary parts, strip the car down to the bare minimum, and then start to add stuff that enhances its off-road capabilities. Things like bigger tires, bigger suspension, bigger skid plates, and so on.

For the second, though, things get more complicated. Even in its basic form, the Wrangler is a fun car to drive: it comes with detachable panels that turn it into a convertible with relative ease and that unmistakable exterior design, a nod to the original Willys.

Without any modifications, then, the Wrangler is a bit of both: a capable car over rough terrain and also a choice that says a lot about its driver.

This dual personality can be further exploited by adding custom parts that do nothing to take away from the car’s adventurous look, while at the same time boosting its aspect rating. For instance, changing its radiator grille.

“But that radiator grille is half of what makes this car a Jeep,” you’ll say, and the entire Jeep fanbase will nod in agreement. Well, nobody said you should replace it with the grille from a Rolls-Royce, now, did they?

As a matter of fact, STRUT is offering no less than three different options, and everyone will be relieved to know they all feature the seven slots design. They are actually very similar to the original one - one could even say identical - but each of the three versions uses a special material and comes with its own look.

STRUT, a California-based grille and other car accessories specialist, is offering its products split into three collections: Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, and Carbon Fiber. The names give away the material used for manufacturing the grille, but they don’t say anything about the high level of quality used. In fact, speaking about the Stainless Steel Collection, STRUT describes its products as featuring “jewelry-grade stainless steel surround and diamond woven mesh.” And given how much they cost - between $1,900 and $4.500 - this level of attention is perfectly explainable. It’s worth noting that each collection comes with a STRUT shield attached to the grille, plus two more on the doors and another one on the trunk.

More info can be found on the company’s website at
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