How to Completely Turn Off Stability Control in a Jeep Wrangler JK

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In our daily quest to search for information that might actually help someone while being simply a “good to know” piece  for others, we came across some rather interesting Jeep trivia.
As most of you know, the latest generation of the American off-roading icon, the Wrangler JK, is fitted with a number of features that previous models haven't even heard of.   From those features, the electronic stability control system is the most intrusive over the Wrangler's off-road capabilities, while at the same time remaining one of its best on-road safety systems.    Fortunately, the system can be switched off for those rare hardcore off-roading sessions, but the funny bit is that there are three ways of disengaging it, according to Wrangler Forums.   The first way is to simply push the ESC button on the center console once, the second way is to push it for seven seconds or simply engage 4lo and the third... well, let's just say that the third is for serious professionals who know what they're doing and want the electronic stability control system permanently off.   This is apparently called “The steering dance”:   1. Verify that the automatic transmission selector is in the “Park” position, and that a manual transmission is in neutral gear. 2. Shift the transfer case into the 4H range position and ensure parking brake is firmly set. 3. Turn the steering wheel until it is centered and the wheels are pointed straight ahead. 4. Turn ignition on (and optionally start engine to make turning the wheel easier – will work with or without engine running) and wait approximately five (5) seconds for the system bulb check to complete. 5. Turn the steering wheel one-half turn to the right (clockwise).  6. Press and hold the “ESP OFF” button for 7 seconds exactly then release and wait for chime. 7. Turn the steering wheel back to centre, then continue turning the steering wheel one-half turn to the left (counter clockwise). 8. Press and hold the “ESP OFF” button for 7 seconds exactly, release and wait for chime. 9. Turn the steering wheel back to centre. 10. Press and hold the “ESP OFF” button for 7 seconds, release and wait for chime.
11. Cycle the ignition switch to the “OFF” position.

Keep in mind that the above information should be used with caution and only before an off-road session. The electronic stability control system does save lives on the road. Once the JL generation arrives in dealerships, we will upgrade this short guide if the need arises.
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