Jay Leno Drives Classic Jaguar XK120M

“Awfully sorry darling, will you cover the bill while I go warm up the Jag.” Jay Leno is such a nice guy, he would never tell that to a woman. But even he knows these feline vehicles have pulling power with the females. And back in the 50s, there was one Jag that stood above all other, in fact all other cars, since it was the fastest production car for a while.
In his garage, Leno has two XKs, and this one is a fully restored XK120M coupe from 1954. It’s been kept in the original form, right down to the air filter and the interior, which is amazing by the way.

This coupe is powered by a 3.4-liter DOHC straight-six engine with double SU H56 carburators, good for 180 horsepower back in the day. Despite a relative low weight, it could only do 60 in about 10 seconds, but even that was impressive back in the day.


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