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James Bond's Aston Martin DB10 Rendered as a Shooting Brake

An Aston Martin seems like the perfect tool to catch the bad guys bent on world domination until you realize the rockets, swards and guns take up all the space and there's no place to put the weekly shot. Misses Bond will surely be upset with that situation, which is why 007 has placed a special order with Q for an estate car. And… here it is, arriving just a day after the DB10 was revealed. Boy, do those guys work fast or what?
James Bond's Aston Martin DB10 Rendered as a Shooting Brake 1 photo
A shooting brake version of the new Aston Martin DB10 that's been created for the 24th James Bond movie hit the world wide webs today, courtesy of graphic manipulator Theophilus Chin.

Grafting a boot onto the sexy back of a brand new car probably wasn't easy, but he did a great job without detracting from the natural beauty of this brand new car. Since the back of the DB10 was kind of lacking design, we like it better this way, though it's unlikely Aston agrees with us.

Unveiled during a special event at Pinewood Studios in London, the Aston Martin DB10 is not a true production car… yet. But its evolutionary styling should make its way into the next super-GT that's expected to come out within the next couple of years and be powered by the latest Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo V8 engines.

The British car company says that only 10 cars will be built specifically for use in the new movie, which will be called SPECTRE, short for SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. Catchy, isn't it?!

We can't say that we're in love with the DB10, which looks like it's trying too hard to be modern and cool. But there's a lot of time left until it has to enter production. We can still remember the harsh criticism we have the Stingray concept in the first Transformers movie and just look how great the Corvette came out.


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