Jalopnik Claims BMW Has Lost Its Way

This morning, whilst drinking my coffee, I stumbled upon a post on Jalopnik, criticizing BMW and its moves lately, with valid arguments and straight-on facts. Whilst I don't completely agree with what the editor wrote there, I couldn't help it but notice the he was right about some of the stuff he put in there.
BMW ActiveHybrid 3 1 photo
Photo: BMW
First of all, it's true, some models in BMW's current line-up don't really make sense. The 4 Series Gran Coupe will be something weird to look at and even accept. Whereas the 6 Series Gran Coupe looks a lot different than the 5 Series Sedan and comes with a new style and design so that you can easily distinguish the two, in the case of the 4er, things are a bit different.

The styling cues used for it and the similarities with the 3 Series make it hard to swallow and accept. Furthermore, BMW claimed that they went for a bigger, even number for the new model to set it apart from the 3er but in the end, they go back adding 2 more doors to the mix? It's just weird.

However, other than this example, the new models from Bavaria do make sense. The 5 Series GT for example, is destined for those that want plenty of space and comfort for their families, without getting a huge SUV or a 7 Series that says 'I'm a rich CEO'.

And even the Sports Activity Coupe model makes sense for some people. Sales say plenty about it. As for hybrids, you could say no one buys them and that diesels make more sense, but some people don't care about oil burners and the Germans had to join the hybrid tidal wave sooner than later, to see exactly how people respond to it. Call the first batch of hybrids an experiment, we'll see if it was successful on the long run.

Now as for the elephant in the room, front-wheel-drive, we should point out that aside from us, the die-hard motorists and gearheads that live for cars that infuse adrenaline and make us feel alive, few other people actually know what happens beneath the bonnet.

Furthermore, most modern drivers don't actually care about the transmission in their cars. All they care about is the mobility it offers them and the level of luxury they find inside their cars. Everyone wants to travel in fashion.

In the end, BMW did lost its way on one side but as long as it keeps those iconic cars, that make you scream for more, in production, what's the problem? Nobody is forcing you to buy a FWD model or one that has an electric engine in it. You can still have fun with the M3 and M4, cars that are bound to be extraordinary, just so that fans will still find the driving experience they're used with.

With hardcore models still being built and other variants made for random, 'normal' people, everyone should be happy. Everyone except purists, of course...
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