Jaguar XK to Be Replaced by Larger XJ Coupe

As one falls, another will take its place – it seems Jaguar has the blood of Cerberus flowing through it fuel injectors.
Jaguar XJ Coupe in 2017 or later 1 photo
By now, all you Jaguar fans will have heard the rumor about Jaguar axing the XK later this year. It's had a good run with 54,000 models being sold since 1996, but now that the F-Type is on sale barely anybody wants to buy the four-seater. In its place, it seems the Brits want a larger luxury GT, an XJ Coupe, according to the guys at Auto Express.

It seems they are "pulling a Mercedes" on us, capitalizing on their flagship nameplate to get the perfect luxury coupe nameplate, just like the Germans did with the recently launched S-Class Coupe.

According to AE, this larger coupe would still be a 2+2 (no surprise there), and will take on Bentley's Continental GT. This, gentleman, is a whole different ballgame to what the XK is playing. Prices would reportedly start at from £100,000, almost twice as much as the current 2+2 coupe. Six figures would make this a more expensive car than even the XKR-S, hinting that like the S-Coupe, only powerful top-spec engines will be available.

Jaguar's to-do list is long and complicated, as it includes their first crossover SUV ever and a new budget sedan to take on the BMW 3 Series. Both are high-priority projects, meaning Jaguar is unlikely to have the XJ Coupe ready sooner than 2017. Right now, the British company is working on a facelift for the current generation XJ, plus flagship models are usually kept in production much longer than normal models. A lot can change in that time, but at a glance this flagship coupe sounds like a far better idea than the current XK.


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