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Jaguar Land Rover Files Almost 30 Trademarks, XJS And Freestyle Included

Protecting intellectual property is something automakers do on a regular basis. Jaguar Land Rover is one of them, and as per the newest slew of trademarks filed by the British company, you can look forward to lots of great things from Jaguar and Land Rover.
Jaguar XJS 11 photos
Jaguar XJSJaguar XJSJaguar XJSJaguar XJSJaguar XJSLand Rover FreelanderLand Rover FreelanderLand Rover FreelanderLand Rover FreelanderLand Rover Freelander
AutoGuide highlights that JLR filed no less than 29 trademarks since March 13, 2017. The diversity of the marks is overwhelming. Here’s what’s what: Westminster, XJS, Freestyle, Landy, Range Rover Classic, P-Type, T-Type, C-XE, iXE, diXE, XEdi, XEi, CXF, CXJ, Sawtooth, Stormer, and Landmark.

The XJS story came to a halt in 1996, paving the way for two generations of the XK. The latter is out of production as well, leaving the F-Type to act as an indirect replacement for the luxurious grand tourer. This brings us to P-Type and T-Type, monikers that seem very far off from the F-Pace and F-Type.

Then there’s the alphabet soup with ‘XE’ in its name. It’s very obvious Jaguar trademarked at least one electrified XE on this occasion, but only time will tell if such a car will also get the go-ahead for production. CXF is more intriguing, alluding to a two-door coupe version of the XF mid-size sedan. The CXJ name boasts a similar nuance, though it applies to the full-sized XJ luxobarge.

As for the Land Rover part of the story, Freestyle was used to denominate a variant of the Freelander, Sawtooth is a wheel design for the Defender, Stormer is a 2009 concept car that prefigured the Range Rover Sport, and Landmark is a special edition of the Discovery 4. Whichever way you look at it, both Jaguar and the peeps over at Land Rover are on a bit of a roll.

There’s a good chance Jaguar Land Rover will never use some of these marks again, but wishful thinking can come true from time to time. I’m still waiting for the day Jaguar reintroduces a V12-powered luxury grand tourer with seating for four and a soft top, if that day will ever come.


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