Italian Beauty Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 Gets a Digital Neo-Pop Shooting

The Ferrari 250 GTO is often regarded as the most beautiful Italian model of the '60s era (and maybe even beyond), but some might argue the Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 is wrongfully neglected.
Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 rendering 7 photos
Photo: Tiago Aiello on Behance
Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 renderingAlfa Romeo Stradale 33 renderingAlfa Romeo Stradale 33 renderingAlfa Romeo Stradale 33 renderingAlfa Romeo Stradale 33 renderingAlfa Romeo Stradale 33 rendering
Even though similar in some ways, the Alfa Romeo lacks the elegance of its countrymate. If these two were athletes, the Ferrari would be a sprinter or a high jumper, whereas the Stradale would be a much bulkier wrestler or something. It has a lower, wider stance, as well as a more muscular body, though these shouldn't be taken as signs of sluggishness.

Quite the contrary, in fact. It seems as though the Stradale 33 was the fastest car of its time over a distance of one kilometer (0.62 miles), covering the distance in 24 seconds from a standstill. Its 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time seems laughable now since it would lose even to a modern hatchback, but back then doing it in less than six seconds was more than decent.

As the name suggests, the Alfa Romeo Stradale (Italian for "road-legal") 33 was a road-legal version of a race car - in this case, the Tipo 33. The two shared most of the underpinnings, particularly the 2.0-liter V8 engine which pumped out 230 hp for the Stradale, and 270 for the race-bred Tipo 33. The best bit, though, was the engine speed at which the maximum power output was achieved: 8,800 rpm, with the limiter coming all the way up at 10,000 rpm. The sound? As great as you would expect it to be.

With its gorgeous overall design, weird doors, mid-mounted engine architecture, superb 2.0-liter V8, fat rear wheels that look ready to pop out of the tight arches, reverse-sloped rear, twin exhausts, and that unmistakable Italian flair, it's easy to see why the Stradale 33 would capture an artist's imagination. An artist such as Tiago Aiello, who imagined a virtual neo-pop photo shooting for the classic Alfa Romeo model. You can see the resulting images in the gallery, and don't be surprised if you'll find yourself uncontrollably licking the screen.
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