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Is This the Cheapest Way to Get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in an Old Car?

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are two very popular options on new cars, but this doesn’t necessarily mean older models can’t use these systems.
JVC's system comes with a 6.8-inch display 5 photos
JVC KW-M950BW with CarPlay and Android Auto supportJVC KW-M950BW with CarPlay and Android Auto supportJVC KW-M950BW with CarPlay and Android Auto supportJVC KW-M950BW with CarPlay and Android Auto support
There are plenty of aftermarket head units out there, and most of them are available for a lot less than a factory-installed device sold by the car manufacturer.

This JVC system, for example, which is labeled as model number KW-M950BW, comes with built-in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, boasting a 6.8-inch WVGA touchscreen and Bluetooth 4.1 for easy wireless connections.

And the best of all, it can be yours for only $250 from Amazon, which makes it one of the most affordable ways to get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in a car.

It goes without saying that it doesn’t fit all brands and models, so before anything, make sure that its dimensions (178x100x75 mm) match the requirements for an aftermarket HU in your dashboard.

As for the rest of the specs, it’s pretty clear that the JVC system delivers incredible value for the money.

In addition to the said Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, this unit also comes with a high-speed USB port with 1.5A charging, SiriusXM support for the radio mode, subwoofer output with level and frequency control, and even support for both front and rear camera input.

In other words, if you previously installed a camera in your car to help you with parking, then JVC’s system should automatically display real-time images when putting the vehicle in reverse.

On the other hand, if you want to use factory steering wheel control functions, you need a third-party adapter that JVC sells separately. Otherwise, you should be able to control the system with both CarPlay and Android Auto just fine.

JVC’s KW-M950BW requires an USB connection for Android Auto and CarPlay, as wireless support isn’t available.


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