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Update Your iPhone If Apple CarPlay Phone Calls Are Broken Down

A bug breaking down phone calls started from Apple CarPlay has been fixed in the latest iOS update, so users should simply install this new release on the iPhone to get the patch.
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The issue was causing Apple CarPlay to either mute or reduce the volume of audio during phone calls, with users complaining that the people at the other end barely hear the conversation.

Some say that the phone call audio is mistakenly routed to the iPhone, while others explain that the audio volume is too low for the other person to hear what they’re saying.

By the looks of things, just disconnecting the iPhone in the middle of the call and switching to the standard Bluetooth system of the car (without CarPlay) works fine, which indicates that the problem is indeed caused by Apple’s system.

The issue seems to specifically affect Lexus and Toyota models regardless of the iPhone model that’s being used to run CarPlay, albeit most of the reports include the iPhone 11.

The good news is that Apple has already corrected the problem with the release of iOS 13.3.1, with Apple confirming in the release notes that CarPlay is getting fixes specifically for this problem.

“Addresses a CarPlay issue that could cause distorted sound when making phone calls in certain vehicles,” Apple mentions in the release notes of iOS 13.3.1 – this is the latest stable version of iOS, with a new update expected in the coming weeks.

If you’re part of the beta program and running fully up-to-date iOS, then the fix should already be there on your device and everything should work fine in CarPlay.

To update an iPhone to the latest iOS version and resolve the aforementioned CarPlay issue, on the device go to Settings > General > Software Update and install the available patches, if any.


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