Is a Large Three-Row Electric Porsche SUV Coming After the Tesla Model X and Rivian R1S?

Porsche EV SUv rendering by vburlapp 16 photos
Photo: vburlapp / Instagram
Porsche EV SUv rendering by vburlappPorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototypePorsche K1 prototype
Porsche recently stepped up its game tremendously in terms of EVs. Not only did the legendary German automaker introduce an all-new CUV with zero emissions, but they also leveled the Taycan (Turbo GT) playing field with the 1,020-horsepower Tesla Model S Plaid.
Not long ago, Porsche was known as the purveyor of great rear-everything (engine plus RWD) sports cars that could elevate the owner into the talk of town or make his wife a widow if he didn't know how to handle the high-performance versions. Years passed, and Porsche continued to refine the 911 recipe, but it decided to branch out in other directions.

Everyone berated them for creating the Cayenne SUV, but history proved them wrong – Porsche was not only saved by the mid-size performance luxury crossover SUV, but it's also one of the most profitable companies in the world because of it. Then came the smaller Macan CUV, and Porsche doubled down on its success. Lately, they have also decided to try their luck with the EV lifestyle, and now the second-generation Macan is all-electric, while the Taycan series has become equal to Tesla in all respects.

However, that is not all. Recently, the first Porsche 'K1' spy pictures seem to confirm the details about an upcoming report concerning the potential arrival of a big all-electric three-row CUV from the German automaker. Of note, it should all be taken with a pinch of salt because early pre-production prototypes also use mules (the body of another model and just the new running gear), and there's also the question of whether or not this is actually the first instance of the upcoming next-generation Cayenne EV.

No matter the outcome, the imaginative realm of digital car content creators is not sitting idle and letting the rumor mill have all the fun. Instead, Vince Burlapp (aka vburlapp on social media or, a prolific virtual artist who loves to dream of all the latest models across the wide-ranging automotive realm, has stepped up and decided to envision the upcoming 'K1' from Porsche. He acknowledges the spied prototypes and the various opinions – including the possibility that the German automaker will simply split the Cayenne EV in two based on standard and extended wheelbase options.

However, he also believes in the possibility of this being an all-new model using the new platform SSP Sport that will be shared with other EVs from Audi and even Bentley. His opinions even discuss pricing – which is clearly going to be bonkers since the Macan EV got a massive MSRP jump; the pixel master also believes the Cayenne EV will get a serious bump up the ladder, and this 'K1' would arrive as the flagship with a potential $120k tag. Anyway, regarding the design, his speculative rendering could be spot on or a massive hit-and-miss. What do you think, will it be a menace for Tesla's Model X and Rivian's R1S?

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