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Infiniti Juke? Yes, and It's Coming to China's Beijing Auto Show

A journalist powerpoint presentation ahead of the Beijing Auto Show seems to suggest Nissan is about to stick the Infiniti badge onto the smallest crossover it makes, the funky-looking Juke.
Nissan Juke is a Chinese Infiniti 1 photo
Photos taken by Chinese publication Autohome show the 2014 Infiniti lineup in China will receive a number of vehicles, most of which have already been launched elsewhere. The unmistakable roofline of the Juke strangely appears in the middle, right between the QX60 7-seater and the QX70, which used to be the FX.

Its design inspired by the shape of a motorcycle helmet visor, the Juke has an unmistakable identity. It's also recently (March debut in Geneva) been facelifted for the European market and does have some premium features, though we'd stop well short of comparing it to anything the Germans offer.

What nameplate would the Juke receive as an Infiniti? We really haven't got the slightest idea. Their current smallest SUV is the QX50, which is the old EX. The QX30 nameplate should also be left untouched for the compact crossover a la Mercedes GLA they're planning, so this would be the… QX20?!

Infiniti is doing everything it can to catch up to the German automakers. Unfortunately, they might have just made a huge mistake with this one.

This is, of course, not the first model with a badge identity. A few weeks ago, we showed you the new Skyline, which is actually the Q50 sedan. Combining the Infiniti badge with the famous Skyline nameplate left us dazed at the time. But the Infiniti Juke is worse, much, much worse.


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