In Spain, Renault is Giving Away a Free Twizy When Buying Laguna or Espace!

Let’s all move to Spain! Aside from the excellent food and sunny weather, if you buy a Renault Espace or Laguna, in Spain, you get a free Twizy EV thrown it. Is it not just better than a simple €6,990 discount?
Renault Special Offer 1 photo
Also it encourages green motoring, as the buyer would use the Twizy in town every day (the Spanish weather is good, anyway) and the bigger car on longer journeys. While we are sure not all prospective buyers will agree with us, we say giving people EVs will finally open their eyes to their benefits (and not just the downsides), on a much more massive scale than before.

Sadly, it seems that only Spain will benefit from this interesting offer which we’re sure will convert more regular motorists into green motorists, and that’s never a bad thing. However, if the scheme proves to be successful, perhaps Renault will be tempted to offer it on a larger scale - it would do EVs in general lot of good.

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